New Feature: Easily include Terms & Conditions texts

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We've just added the ability to easily include your terms & conditions text to all of our Shopify Order Printer templates. We were getting quite a few requests from our users who had purchased one of our Invoice or Packing Slip templates, asking if I could help add some additional text to their templates, and was of course happy to help.. however it made us realize this feature was missing as a standard option.

Enable the edit text mode


So it's now possible to include your sales terms, return info and any other text you need to change in the Order Printer templates, using our super simple editor. No more messing with code, just type and it'll be added to the Order Printer template code for you.

Just enable the "Edit text mode" switch and type your changes in the preview document. Editable text is highlighted with a background color.

All existing templates have been update to include this new feature, which I'm sure all Shopify users will enjoy!

Feedback is always welcome, so if you think anything else is missing just let me know.

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