Winter - Dual Labels / Invoice

$29 One time fee

The Winter family of Invoices are designed for Shopify stores needing a professional and clean looking Invoice. 

In addition to the minimalist design and clean typography, this design also includes extra Shipping Address and Return Address sections which can be printed on "Integrated Label" paper, where these areas can be peeled-off and stuck directly onto your packages.

Supports the following integrated label types, with DUAL peel off labels, one with the Shipping Address and the other with your Return Address:

  • Style A or D1 / D2
  • Style B or D3 / D4
  • Style D or D6 / D7

Font: Raleway
Theme Color: Midnight Black (#303336)

    Colors & fonts are easily changed, the style shown is just an example.

    You can customize the template fully before (and after) purchase, and once purchased it's yours to use as much as you want.

    All templates feature:

    • Super simple controls to customize and edit. Never touch a line of code.
    • Customizable store details, easily include your contact and tax information.
    • Include Product Images
    • Include your logo (we'll automatically resize it to fit with the design).
    • Select from one of our 37 hand-picked fonts.
    • Customizable color scheme.
    • Easy date & address formatting to suit your country.
    • Correctly shows product details, order notes and shipping info.
    • Include order and product barcodes.
    • Automatic support for Line Item Properties
    • Click and type translation, or just change the wording to suit your style.
    • Designed by professionals, specifically for Shopify's free Order Printer.